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HKTransfer with MasterCard


HKTransfer is the first licensed ONLINE exchange and remittance company in Hong Kong, regulated by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) and Customs and Excise Department. 1

Prepaid Card Service with HKTransfer

Provide 2 type of MasterCard (prepaid card)

  • Traveller, gift card (one time use) with target currency.
  • Frequent exchange user, we provide personal prepaid card and allow them to reload or get cash from ATM.

Store all different currency into one single card

  • Display the currency holding and amount in the app, and exchange, transfer it in single click.
  • Traveller can spend like Local, even get cash from ATM.
  • Members can feel like holding money, and able to track all their money transaction and spending within the app.
MasterCard solution


  1. licensed : 17-01-02072